We endeavor to provide a safe and healthy environment for Development in all areas as your children are learning and growing by using Imagination and Creativity and for every child to achieve their maximum potential within our comprehensive curriculum that offers a well-balanced program for young children and their families.
Our dedicated staff will help each child to freely express themselves and prepare for higher learning cultivate their dreams and build confidence to help make our world a better place.

Founder's Message

Dear Parents,

I know that you as parents are very concerned about your child's education and well-being when searching for the right school especially in the early years of your child's life.

You want a school that your child will be happy at you want him or her to have fun and freedom to grow explore and create.
Of course you also want to be assured that your child will be safe and taken care of as if your child was at home under your own care.

Joy to the World and Aoyama International Day and Learning Center are places that will give your child all of these things and much more to put you at ease.

We understand the needs of children and work very closely with them to encourage and nurture them in all areas.
We will also have close contact with you as parents and relay information about your child's progress on a regular basis.

Let's work together and give your child what you as parents want for them.


JOY TO THE WORLD & AOYAMA IDLCではこれら全てまたはそれ以上の内容を提供しておりますのでご安心ください。私たちは子供たちのニーズを理解し全ての面において密に協力し指導いたします。又、保護者の皆様とも密にコンタクトを取りお子様の日々の成長を報告し合います。

Our Staff

Head Teacher
Hello. My name is Teacher Ana and I am also the school manager. I have been teaching English since 2002. I love working with kids. Looking forward to meeting your little one/s
Aoyama Teacher
Hi, I'm Teacher Meg. I have been teaching at AIDLC for about 4 years. We will help your children learn new things in a fun way. Hope to see you soon!
Aoyama Teacher
Good day. I'm Teacher Cris. I have been teaching English for about 7 years. As a nurse, our priority is your child's safety, security and their overall well-being while they are in our school. Hope that you come and join us!
Head Teacher
Hello! I’m Teacher Dianne. I’m the head teacher in our Myogadani Branch. I’ve been teaching for 5 years. Here in our school we provide your children the early childhood care and education they need. I treat them like my own and love them the way as what you parents want for your child.
Hello, I’m Teacher Jane. I’ve been teaching for almost 5 years with different age groups back in the Philippines. I started working as a part-time here in AMB and became fulltime just last year. One thing that I really love about early childhood education, we are often the first witness to so many groundbreaking moments. And this is the daily win that will keep us motivated.